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Sunday Funday

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Weekends are meant for fun and relaxation!  This Sunday was particularly relaxing.

It started with breakfast at Bloc 11 in Somerville’s Union Square.  We split an egg, cheese, ham sandwich and a raspberry scone.  Both were delicious.  Ice coffees were also enjoyed… obviously.

We came back home to get some dishes done and catch some of the French Open final between Nadal & Djokovic.  Watching tennis reminds me of my high school days – when my game was at it’s best and I was playing #2 singles.  Jay & I took a lunch break last week to play some tennis, maybe we’ll keep up the habit.  I’ll be at the French Open before you know it.  (Not.)

Next up was a trip to Walden Pond on our way to strawberry picking.  Yes, this is the Walden Pond.  The main beach was full and people lined the entire pond at coves and spots where rocks formed steps down to the water.  Many were also out swimming, canoeing, and kayaking the wide open water.  We walked a lap around the pond, dipped our hands in to feel the temperature (warm!), and decided we’ll likely be back to swim.

Beach @ Walden Pond

Walden Pond Swimmer

Pond Path @ Walden Pond

Strawberry picking was at Verill Farm in Concord.  Strawberries are the only PYO item at Verill and with good reason – they are doing it right!  Holy cow, it was a sea of strawberry plants!!  The PYO runs 9-3 on weekends and we got there a bit late, but they were nice enough to let us go out and each pick a “quick quart.”   In my mind, I was thinking “A quick quart?  I’ve never really done any berry picking that was quick.  Isn’t it generally a tedious process to get a quart of berries?”  I wasn’t about to argue, so I took my basket, shut my mouth, and went to pick.  Well, they weren’t kidding – it was definitely possible to pick a quick quart.  There were berries (good ones) everywhere!!  I’ve never picked a quicker [totally overflowing] quart!  Looking forward to returning for more PYO strawberries, the strawberry festival, and other events.

Strawberry Picking

Red Strawberry

Strawberry Fields

We may or may not have stopped for soft serve cones at Dairy Joy on the way home…

Dairy Joy

Earlier in the day, we were also invited to a gathering at a friend’s garden in the Fenway Victory Gardens.  We topped off the day at Gerry’s garden – complete with food, drinks, and live music.  Relaxing indeed.

Party at Gerry’s Garden

Dinner was Mac Salad on the “Patio” with the plants :)  Dessert was one of the quarts of strawberries :)

What did you do this weekend?

Garden Update coming tomorrow… until then, check out these goats who are working hard to help keep invasive plants at bay.

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